Holidaying on a budget

When it comes to this time of year, everyone is itching to get away and feel the sun on their face, particularly when the weather has been as miserable as it has in the UK! However, it’s often hard to decide where to go when you have next to no money and the prospects of a job are looking bleak.

Have no fear though, because companies such as @OnTheBeachUK and @icelollyholiday offer great offers for people on a budget. I should know, I travelled to a Greek Island with 9 of my closest friends a couple of years ago with a deal from @OnTheBeachUK and it was a truly fantastic week. Often when paying less you have to compromise on accommodation or worse – location. This was definitely not the case with our holiday. Right in the heart of the night-life but far away enough that we could relax during the days, the hotel really was the perfect combination of both worlds. Although I’m not sure I’d fancy another week of solid drinking or partying, I would definitely use @OnTheBeachUK again for any holiday queries.

Having recently had a look on their website, who knows, maybe I’ll be sunning myself on a European beach in no time at all?!


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